The James Bond Roulette System

In the 1960s, the James Bond Roulette System was described as the way to turn small amounts of money into a pile of gold by Ian Fleming. This method suggests the players to increase their bets everytime they lose a spin.

The James Bond Roulette Strategy is such a simple roulette betting system. In this strategy, you need $200 to make a bet. The effective method of using this betting strategy is to bet $140 on high numbers such as 19-36, $50 on six numbers 13-18, $10 on zero as an insurance. By doing this, you are now betting on the 2/3 of the roulette table.

If there is a number from the high numbers, you make a profit of $80. If there is number from the six number you put, you make a profit of $100. If there is zero, you make a profit of $160. And if some other number comes out, you lose the spin and you have to double your bet.

There is a mathematical explanation for this James Bond betting system. In each of 100 spins the player betting on two dozens wins about 65 times. But for real, this number just gives us false hope.

In “Casino Royale” Bond played the first two dozens number such as 1-12 and 13-24 and won large amounts of money. Theoretically, the winning probability will be 65% in a single zero roulette and 63% in a double-zero roulette.

This system requires a large amount of capital, so bear in mind that you can make profits by using the James Bond Roulette Strategy but you must know when to stop.

The James Bond Roulette Strategy is easy to follow but you must first try and test it before betting at the roulette table. This strategy is quite similar to Martingale because you also double your bet everytime you lose. This system is no proof of being effective. However, it is essential to try.