The Ascot Roulette System

The Ascot Roulette System is one of the oldest and popular roulette systems and is a variant of a so-called Contra D’Alembert system. This strategy is used for even bets and pays one to one. This system can also be used for other casino games which allow even money bets. Bets with odds/ even, 1 to 18, 19 to 36 and red/ black pay even money at the roulette table.

The Ascot system can also be used for some other casino games which have even money bets, such as craps and bacarrat.

This system works like this: you have to make a series of odd numbers such as 5, 7, 9 or 11. So your serial numbers will be 1-2-3-4-5-6-7. The series of numbers are definitely up to you. In your first bet at the roulette table, you have to take the middle number in the sequence of numbers. So its 4, if you win you just take the next number in the series which is 5 and if you lose you go one step down for your next bet. If you win in the highest number in the series or lost the lowest number, stop the series and start all over again. Just that simple.

The Ascot Roulette Strategy allows you to play for a long period of time with small amounts of bets. However, this strategy also has disadvantages, like losing a lot of money everytime you lower your bet if your winnings and losses alternate at the high level of bets. Like for example: you would lose at 20, win at 13. In this way, you will not make a profit.

This Roulette system is one of the best strategies to use but there is a big risk of losing a lot of money. It just goes to show that roulette is still the game of chance and not skills.