Some of the Best Online Roulette Strategies

Published on 15 March 2013

Roulette is one of the most well-known table games in land-based casinos, but its online version attracts more players across the web. Knowing that online roulette is a game of chance, you can still apply some strategies to increase your chances of winning. There are no system that will help you make profits, but following a simple set of guidelines can make it possible to boost your bankroll.

Here are the 7 strategies you should bare in mind:

Always Play European Roulette
Choose reputable online casinos
Use your bonuses
Dont base the next spin from the previous one
Place same bets on two columns and half the amount on red
Choose a few numbers on low side and stake the same amount on high
Cash out when you are winning

Playing European roulette is best when you are at online casino as it offers two versions, European and American unlike land-based casino. European roulette has a single zero which gives a very small house advantage of 2.63%. You must also look for casinos that has either ‘Surrender’ or ‘No prison’ rule, so you can always take half of your stake and full stake if the ball lands on zero.

One of the best moves you have to do it to open an account to a reputable online casino and the one that regularly shows the percentage of their payout. It makes no sense to win at tha table if you cannot even request for payout. Check the player’s feedback first before placing real money bets.

You should also use your bonuses for your advantage because the house always has a better odds at the table. You will improve your chances significantly by collecting some welcome bonuses from the online casino. If you don meet the bonus requirements , just start playing through the bonus on outside positions as this will give you the best chance to make money.

Bare in mind that the last spin is not related to the next one. Some players beleive in this strategy but it is not proven. The roulette system is totally different each time as it uses a Random Number Generator.

By placing the same bets on two colums and half of the amount on the red, you will spread your opportunities of winning. Because the column of 3-36 has 8 red numbers and only four blacks, it is best to place on chip on red. While the two chops on column 1-34 and two on column 2-35, you are covering 24 out of 36 numbers and the one chip on red covers eight numbers from the thid column, However, you have two out of three chances of winning win columns but you will minimize your loozes when the ball lands on a red number in the third column you are most likely to win.

If you choose a few numbers on the low side (1-18) and place the same amount on high, you will win if the bal lands among the high numbers. You can also win if it lands on one oof the numbers you bet on. This strategy gibes a great value to your bets.

And last but definitely not the least, you should cash out when you are winning, as this game is continous you are more likely to keep on playing. Once you double the amount of your initial deposit, withdraw at least half of the money, and the other half you can still use for playing on other tables or games. This system is on of the proven ways to boost your bankroll and avoid losing.