Roulette’s “Snake Bet”

Published on 9 February 2014

The snake bet is also known as red snake is a legal bet, so everyone is allowed to put this kind of bet. Although putting this bet requires a lot of time and is not easy like red or evens bet.

At some casinos players are allowed to put a snake bet by placing a chip on the corner of 34 red. However, this option is rare and the protocol for making the bet that will vary from one place to another.

The snake bet is a zigzag pattern of red numbers starting from 1 and end at 42. This kind of bet is famous amongst Chinese players for two reasons: The color red symbolises fortune and joy in the Chinese culture and the snake is a Chinese zodiac animal. If you put these two together you will get an attractive name for a roubelte bet in Chinese culture.

There are pros and cons in making this bet, no one knows if the snake bet is lucky or not. The bet is just like all the other types of bets. There is no difference between placing 12 units across a snake bet than there is to placing 12 units on a “dozen” or “column” bet.

The house edge also remains the same at 2.70% (or 5.26% if you’re playing double-zero roulette). The pros of this bet is that it looks cool and more enjoyable and exciting and the cons is that it takes a while to set up and requires a large number of betting units, so you sure need a large bankroll.