Roulette Wheel Bias Still Possible

Published on 25 March 2013

Due to a more modern way of living, everything has been crafted and redesigned including the Roulette wheels. They do this just to make sure that every number has an equal chance of winning. Like for example: if you play European roulette, the ball is supposed to have equal odds of landing in any of the 37 numbered slots. But the history of the game has taught everyone that not all wheels remain perfect, and they can sometimes become biased towards certain numbers.

Some gaming experts beleive that wheel bias is a fictional concept as people have actually made the process work. But there is a deifference between then and now, so that roulette games of the past sometimes have older wheels that are weary. The manufacturing standards have also improved in a good way over the years.

Speaking about the upgraded manufacturing, brick and mortar casinos are thanking the Englishman John Huxley. With the help of designer George Melas, Huxley produced a new “low profile” wheel in the early 1980’s that reduced the depth of the numbered pockets. In combination of this reduced depth along with the removal of laminated pocket liners, Huxley was able to create more durable roulette wheels and consistent game results. In the late 80′s, many casinos have switched to this wheel after seeing both the American and European gaming establishments being biased.

Another factor that have made the wheel bias is the constant upkeep and maintenance that casinos perform on their wheels. The staff members of the casino are performing quality checks, making sure that the sides are in good condition, and rebalance and realign the wheels.

Eventhough gaming venues have made it really hard to earn profits through wheel bias, this doesn’t mean that its impossible. As roulette wheels are expensive, not every land-based casino can afford new equipment and some also dont have the manpower to constantly perform quality checks on roulette games.

So in this case, there are still some older wheels that can be found at some casinos. There are still some Las Vegas casinos where you can spot wheels that are not newly manufactured. Some professional roulette players are claiming that there are beatable wheels that can be found in Europe too.

So if you have no idea with the wheel bias concept, you might want to consider online roulette. Playing online roulette gives a regular players the best opportunity to make money. European roulette has 2.70% house edge and French roulette has 1.35% house edge. These two roulette games can be found at online casinos. Apart from that, you dont need to travel to play roulette which is also a plus.