Roulette Tips for Professional and Non-professional Players

Published on 3 August 2014

Roulette is one of the casino games that is really popular for the players wether it is online or in land-based casino. However, not everyone plays to make a living from it. Some of them just simply want to have fun, so the tips for becoming a succesful roulette player is divided into two: one is for professional players and the other one is for the players that just want to have fun.

Here are some tips for professional players to win:

1. Don’t put outside bets all the time because you can never beat roulette. Because outside bets are scattered on the roulette wheel, it doesn’t give you a big chance of winning. Inside bets are the most that you can put because they are targeted on specific numbers of the wheel.

2. Study the roulette wheel to know where the ball lands.

3. Don’t use a betting strategy on the table layout it is the same when you put random bets.

4. Based your bets on the spins of the real wheel, same goes for online roulette as most of the online casino today have live roulette games in their casino.

5. Try to understand the cause and effect of winning numbers by determining where the ball will land.

6. Study the days and weeks that you play to properly assest the relevant number of spins. You will never know if your strategy works or not for a short period of time.

7. Be aware of the casino staff as they understand how roulette can be beaten and they are trained to observe players behaviour. However, in an online roulette nobody will look at you.

8. Last but not the least, accept that you will have those days that you will lose. But using an effective strategy will most likely to give you a profit in the long run.

For players that just want to have fun here are some tips:

1. Expect that you will lose because you don’t have a professional strategy. For you it’s more luck, but you need to understand the odds too.

2. Know how frequently your bets can win, placing a bet on one number wins once every 37 spins. You better put an outside bet either red or black.

3. Don’t increase your bet when you are lossing because this will empty your bankroll. Doubling up your bets won’t make up for your previous losses, it will only make your losses even bigger.

4. Don’t be so aggressive when making a wager after you win, if you put a bet on red and you lose, you should put the next bet again on red plus 1 more chip than your last bet. If you win, then decrease your bet by one.

5. Be aware that some online casinos are hard to beat even your lucky. Many of them don’t use real wheels, they use computers instead. Eventhough many of them offer random number generators, others based the spin results on the amount payment they alreasy maid.

6.Set a betting limitation, stick to it and you will be fine.

7. Don’t play to win back what you loss as this may lead into gambling addiction. Accept it and go on.