Roulette Systems to Win

Published on 18 October 2013

There are some strategies and tricks for playing and winning in the roulette table. Roulette might be a game of chance but players can also use their knowledge in math and betting the blocks.

Below are some of the key strategies that can be use to become a sucessful roulette player.

First is choosing the gambling block, which is a block of numbers in the roulette wheel. Try memorizing your numbers, use 3 numbers in the middle of the block as your numbers banking. Meaning here is where the most of your money is put. Using this block technique is a good chance of winning a lot with your numbers banking, or at least get something if the ball stops in that section of the wheel.

The second strategy is raising your stakes, start by putting small amounts of bet and see where it brings you. Once you win, continue and increase your bet.

The third strategy is by playing safe, don’t get carried away by the dealer. Most casino dealers are beleived that they can determine the outcome of the spin on the wheel. This is not true, because the wheel is governed by chance. The speed of the dealer can reduce your chances of winnings but don’t let that affects you. They can increase the speed of the game to get the you in a hurry and miss some of your favorite numbers.

There is also the multi-game, which is much more fun if you play in group and this will also give you a sense of confidence and security. You have an opportunity to observe all the other players and can even sharpen your skill in the game.

The red-black system is there to help you too. Choose a color and place a minimum bet on it. Online casinos often have a minimum of 1 or $1, so just follow the betting color until you win, then you can double youe bet everytime you lose. For example, 1 • 2 • 4 • 8 • 16 •, and so on. If you leave your winning, it will win the original bet plus 1. You can either bet in another color and follow the same procedure or continue with the first color you chose. You will earn an average of 3 to 4 times if you follow this system. Always remember the maximum values of the table.

In dozens and colum system, you can choose between 2 dozens or 2 columns. They both work the same. If you want to bet a dozen, place a bet at least a dozen No. 1 and No. 2 dozen. If you win this bet, you will receive a payout of 2 to 1 each time. In this type of bet, you can double your bet everytime you lose to receiver your money.

The bet 1 to 1 is the most popular bets used in the roulette table, the odds are 1 to 1 for the casino and zero always act in their favor. However, in the real casinos, the odds are 1 to 1, that means they the player lose half of the bet if the zero comes out.

Always concentrate and make sure that you don’t get distracted while in the game. Thie is the moment that you need to focus because you are taking a big risk of putting your money on the roulette table.

Try and understand the systems or strategies that work best for you. There are plenty of other roulette tips and tricks out there but not all of them are proven to be effective. At the end of the day, it is your money which is at stake here. Be responsible, know your limitations and most of all have fun. Just enjoy the game!