Roulette Superstitions

Published on 20 April 2014

Roulette is definitely a game of chance, but some players want to beleive that there are some things that should be done to increase this chance. More and more superstitions have appeard around roulette.

Some of them are listed below:

Some players believe that betting on sleeping number increases chances to win. A sleeping number is the number which have not been won for a long time, the numbers that are not shown and not hit by the roulette ball. There is no logic or mathematical explanation in this. The chance that a sleeping number is little just like all the other numbers.

They say betting on the first color which has caught your attention when you visited the roulette table is your luck and you will win. It is also superstition, but somehow betting on color either red or black is one of the most beneficial bets in roulette, players have the winning ration of 1:1.

Betting on a lucky number is a guarantee that you will win. It doesn’t matter which number have come up on the roulette table, because players can definitely win on any of them and it is considered as a lucky number for them too. But winning is a pure chance and no one knows which number the ball lands.

Taking different lucky items such as horse shoe, rabbit’s foot, four leaf clover, etc. everytime they play roulette, which is totally a mystical belief.

They also beleive in things that will bring ill luck. The player decides which item is lucky of unlucky for him. Black cat crossing the road, breaking mirror and many other beliefs can be sometimes absurd. When this happen, for sure the player will not play roulette.

Praying before playing is a good thing, which is again another superstition. Some players pray and take some of their religious items with them because they beleive that these items will help them win.

These might be superstitions but we have to respect what people believed in.