Roulette Strategies

The Roulette game is one of the most popular casino games that requires some betting systems and strategies. The main goal of a strategy is to decrease the casino edge over the player. Many years go, people tried to develop different roulette strategies and some of them have become effective and popular but all the others were not effective at all.

The casino has a higher advantage than the players, but if the luck is on your side you are sure to make money. We gathered some of the best and most popular roulette strategies to provide player systems that will work for them.

Here are the most common strategies that many players are using to win at the casino:

The Le Bouchere Roulette System
The Martingale Roulette System
D’Alembert System
Ascot Roulette System
Fibonacci System
3 Plus 2 Roulette System
The Andrucci Roulette System
Oscar’s Grind Roulette System
James Bond Roulette System
Parley Double or Nothing Roulette Strategy

Roulette can be played in land-based casinos or online. At online roulette, a player has no influence on the outcome of every spin and its harder for him to use these systems. But its essential to know about these strategies because there are moments that you are not playing online but in an actual casino.

Some of the roulette strategies claim to be succesful, but none of these strategies have been proven effective. If you really want to make profit playing roulette, you must first study the game, learn and test some of these strategies or systems to find whats best for you. With or without strategies, the first thing you have to learn is how to be a responsible player. You must set a limitation to your bets and know when to quit. There is really no guarantee that these systems are profitable, so enjoy the game and learn from it.