Roulette Myths

Published on 8 March 2014

Roulette is Random

Roulette is said to be random but in fact has never been a random game. Over the years, there have been some countless advantage winners. The roulette winners were mainly bias number players who won when there are faults in the wheel producing unusual section patterns which could be taken advanatage of. The game has become exciting because of how it is being done. Brokens wheels are likely to produce a difficult concept to understand. That’s why many have been denying that roulette not being random.

Roulette has never been a random game and often the same players who have spent too long figuring out a mathematical way to understand the game say it is. They just make the game appear random but it is not. It is a myth that roulette is a random casino game.

A myth that Roulette wheels are identical

The roulette wheesl are definitely not the same even if it was made by the same man on the same day it will always perform differently. An average player might not notice this but to the pro it is. Some will show a bias that is playable and some will show a smaller and less playable bias but they are different. It is known that the term ‘roulette wheel signature’ was introduce to show it’s uniqueness.

The history of previous spin data is helpful to predicting the outcome of the next spin.

Most of the roulette players think that this is a myth but it is true in different ways. Collecting the winning roulette number data over 1000 spins will indicate as to whether a roulette number is biased or not. The visual roulette system shows the history of the previous spins that can be helpful to players.

Casinos set up their roulette wheels

This is part myth and part truth and depending on what era we are talking about. Nowadays, casino licenses are really valuable that they don’t want to run the risk of defrauding their customers. Casinos make a lot of effort to run a straight game but the problem is that when the roulette game is the subject it is not s straight game in the natural way.