Roulette Legends

Published on 26 April 2014

In the early days of roulette, François Blanc and his brother Louis added the single zero pocket to the French roulette wheel to increase the house edge and make it more popular with casino operators. He also open the first casino in Monte Carlo and the casino became the gambling Mecca in Europe.

Because François was so obsessed with cracking the secrets of successful roulette playing, he made a deal with the devil in exchange for roulette secrets according to the legend. The origin of ths tory can be traced back to the roulette wheel because if you add all the numbers on the table, you will have the sum of 666, which is called by some as “the devil’s number”.

There is also another famous story about Joseph Jaggers who swindled more than $325,000 from a faulty roulette wheel in a Monte Carlo Casino in 1873, and Charles Wells who is well-known for “breaking the bank” by playing roulette at a Monte Carlo casino back in 1891.

Nowadays, roulette still provide us with exciting stories and new roulette legends continue to be created. One of that is Ashley Revell, he is from London, England. He sold all his belongings and went to the Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas with the $135,300 in his pocket. He collected the amount by selling his car, books, clothes and anything he owned and added some money that was given to him by Blue Square bookmakers who paid him to legally change his name to Ashley Blue Square Revell before traveling to Las Vegas.

Revell wagered all that money on a single spin in the roulette table. He made an even-money bet on the color red and when the ball stopped on 7 Red, he became an really famous.