Roulette Invention, Development and Popularity

Published on 12 October 2013

Roulette Invention

Roulette means “small wheel” in French and it has been developed in to an iconic casino game over the years. The game is always on the list of favorite games and is one of the most popular table games in the world. Because of the popularity it has until now, it’s not easy to beleive that roulette was just invented by mistake.

Blaise Pascal, who is a philisopher and mathematician invented the spinning roulette wheel in his attempt to creat a prefetual motion machine (circa 1645). This machine was for gas companies, but he never managed to accomplish it.

Roulette Development

In 1796, the earliest form of casino roulette was introduced, a long time after Pascal’s failure to invent a perpetual motion machine. This was really similar to the roulette game we all know today, it also has red and black pockets containing numbers from 1 to 36. These earlier versions of the game also included two green pockets of 0 and 00.

In 1843, Francois and Louis Blanc, French brothers developed the single 0 roulette wheel and this was made to compete with other casinos during that time. It’s single 0 number only means that it offered better odds to the players.

It was beleived to be that Blanc brothers sold their souls to evil in exchange for the secrets of the roulette wheel (came from the fact that all the numbers in the roulette wheel is equal to 666). However, this has not been proven and for sure nobody will beleive it now.

In 1800, roulette has become really popular after more than 100 years. There were not TV and Internet during that time and the only way of communication is through written letters. That is surely the reason why it took so long before it became famous.

Roulette went from being a completely new and unknown invention and was described as the “king of casino games”.

The US modified the roulette game to include an American Eagle in addition to the single 0 and double 00, which gave the house a better edge again. Eventually the eagle was removed and now it only has 00 that can be found on standard american roulette tables today.

In 1860, the German law put an end to gambling, so the Blanc family moved the casino operation to Monte Carlo, which was the only place left in Europe where gambling in the casino was legal. During that time, the single 0 on the roulette wheel became dominant.

In the 20th century, roulette continued to shine, the American version of it still use the 00, which only means the house has a better advantage, whereas the rest of the world became more accustomed to the single 0 version.

Roulette never lose it’s popularity, it is becoming more popular than ever. One major reason is that it can now be played not only in the land-based casino but in the online casinos too.