Famous Roulette Bets and Wagers

Published on 25 April 2013

Being one of the most popular games that you will find at the casino, roulette continues attract new gamblers. A number of gamblers are wagering huge amounts hoping to get lucky, not knowing the stories behind the roulette wheel.

Roulette has been involved in the media and in films for quite sometime now, most of the stories are based on the highs and lows experienced at the roulette table.

This films or stories might be entertaining to watch but the reality is nothing like it. In real life, there is no miracle happening. It’s not usual to see the same number come upt 5 times in a row or the ball lands on the same color for 20 spins. No stories have been proven to be realistic.

There are some famous roulette bets and gamblers with their stories of great wins and losses that are also exciting stories. If you are curious to know more about roulette, you might want to do some research about Joseph Jagger- the man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo and Ashley Revell- who sells everything he owns and gambles it on roulette. Their experiences might help and inspire you at the same time.