Roulette Etiquette

Published on 19 November 2012

When playing a certain casino games, it is expected that players are showing their good traits. This kind of behavior is what people understood rather than stated on any casino game. One game that might expect this is roulette. Players should be polite and positive.

In roulette game, betting come in a specified time. Nobody can put their bet unless the dealer say so. Some dealers get upset when players dont make their bet within this amount of time. It depends on how quickly the game progresses. If player miss the betting time, there is still another round. They cannot put bet beyond the cutoff time. This annoys not only the dealer but other players too.

Keep in mind that touching certain things in the game of roulette is prohibited. When the ball stops moving around the wheel, the marker will be placed in the number where the ball landed. Replacing or removing the marker is the dealers job. Players shouldnt touch anything.

Players must treat their fello with courtesy. Do not be rude to others. Alcohol is sometimes the main reason why people ehave in a inappropriate manner. Tipping the dealer is also a good thing to do, they play a big role for your overall satisfaction in the game.