Roulette Books

Published on 31 May 2013

If you are looking for books to read to become a pro playing roulette games, there are thousands of these that you can find. Most of these books, describe how to play the game and give you tips and tricks on how to maximize your profit. You will get familiar with the strategies, one of these is the Martingale system. You will also find out how these kind of strategies help you win.

If you want to know about roulette tips and strategies, the first books you should get are the Spin Roulette Gold and Thirteen Against The Bank. These books are great and will teach you important things about the game. Thirteen Against The Bank even tells a nice story, while the main focus lies on a betting system that took several casinos by surprise.

There are also books that feature roulette, the kind of books that tell an exciting story and don’t want to teach anything but the game. Sadly, theses books are hard to find.

Russian roulette is the most common form of the roulette game, and although it’s a very exciting and fascinating one, it’s not really what matters. Books with a good story line that feature American or European roulette are the most interesting to read.

The best you can get in the market is The Gambler, this book was written more than 100 years ago by a former Russian general. It gives interest to every reader because the general had pulished the book to pay off his own gambling debts, as he was addicted to the game of roulette himself.

The story in the book is about a Russian boy, Alexei, falls in love with a girl, but he was having trouble making her his partner. The situation became more complicated when a rich Englishman came. They encountered many problems and relationships had played a big role in the book. Alexei spends a long time at the roulette table and throughout the book roulette has been the key role.

The Gambler is one of the best books, finding this in your own language is definitely a plus.