Mini Roulette

A great addition to all roulette variants is Mini Roulette. Mini Roulette is based on American Roulette or European Roulette. The big differences can be found in the wheel size, the amount of numbers on the wheel, the winning odds and the hight of the pay outs. It is a fun and exciting game and a great variation to the normal Roulette. You can read more about Mini Roulette on this page.

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Characteristics of Mini Roulette

Mini Roulette is at the moment only offered by Playtech powered online casinos.
The big difference is the size of the game. Mini roulette is as the name already suggest the mini variant of roulette. European Roulette has 37 pockets, the numbers 1-36 and a zero. The wheel at Mini Roulette has only twelve numbered pockets plus a zero pocket, so there are 13 pockets in total. These numbers are also on the table layout.
The possible bets are almost the same as with traditional Roulette, however there are fewer numbers. You can still bet on any number or on a combination of numbers or on even/odd, black/red, etc.
Do not let the lesser number of pockets deceive you because the winnings at this popular mini variant can be much higher than at European or American Roulette.

Payouts at Mini Roulette

The payouts at Mini Roulette differ from those at European or American Roulette. First of all there are no limits on the size of the bets. The even money payouts are the same for even/odds, reds/blacks and the column bets (1-6, 4-9, 7-12). These all have a payout of 1:1. But any normal bet that would payout 2:1 at European or American Roulette has a pay out of 3:1 at Mini Roulette. Another difference are the straight bets these payout 11:1.

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How to play mini roulette

It is very easy to play mini roulette. The rules of the game are the same as European Roulette. The possible bets are also very clear when you look at the table layout.
First of all you click on the chip with the value of your choice and then you click on the field or number on the table layout where you want to place your bet. Each following click on the table layout will add a chip with the same value. If you want a different value just choose another chip, and click on the field on the roulette table again. You also have the opportunity to place multiple chips on different fields on the table at once. To remove a bet you will often see a button on your screen which will remove your bet once you click on it, however some casino software requires a right click on your mouse to cancel a bet.
After you are done with placing your bet(s) you click the spin button and the wheel will start spinning. When the ball lands in a pocket you will see if you have won or not. Now you can place a new bet.
Mini roulette is very easy and very fun to play.