Online Roulette Tips

Published on 3 March 2013

If you are new to playing online roulette, you must first learn the possibility of the game before applying some tips that you can use for playing. You will find a lot of informations about roulette game and these are no good for you so dont ever believe in them.

All roulette wheels are not identical, they have different styles divided by continent, and with the number of spaces like on an American and European roulette wheel. Both roulette games have different averages and odds. The American wheel has 38 slots and the house average is 5.25% while the European has 37 slots and only a 2.70% advantage.

Nobody can predict the outcome of the roulette game because every spin of the wheel is totally random. You cannot count up the number of spins to see what will happen next. The ball might land on red or black.

Many people have convinced players that they count and add to beat the roulette wheel but there is no realmethod or mathematical system to beat the game.

Roulette is definitely the game of chance, which means players rely on the outcome of the color and number where the ball lands. Each spin is independent and you can never make money outside of the normal betting. You can win if you are lucky and willing to play the odds. Color or nujmber bets – red or black, odds or evens have the best odds. You can win using this way but you can never hit a huge amount.