Rival Powered Roulette

Another great software variant is Rival roulette. Rival is a fairly new company among the online casino game software producers. Although they are new they already managed to make their way within this popular market and are among the top now. They offer great selection of casino games like rival roulette. Rival is specialized in the slot machines which have amazing graphics and techniques to give the player an even better gaming experience. On this page you can read more about rival and rival roulette.

Rival roulette

About Rival

Rival is a casino software producer that was founded in 2006. Within the short period from that time they managed to become a popular software provider with over 30 different operators. They have a unique concept for the online gaming market and are market leader as it comes to online slot machines with a special bonus games. This unique concept is called I-slots and has become very popular among the online slot fans. They have a great offering of slots with a lot of different themes and bonus levels which have hidden features and great jackpots.
Rival is very specialized in slot machines but they do offer more to the online gaming market. They also offer a great range of table games like blackjack, roulette, video poker and online casino poker. Their offer is extended with other games like Craps, keno, baccarat etc.
Another great advantage of rival is that their software is compatible with Windows and Mac. A lot of download versions of other software providers are only compatible with Windows but Rival managed to develop a version which is also suitable for Mac.
Rival games offer a lot extra features to make it one of the most user-friendly software available. They offer features like real time player history, make it easy to switch between promotions and transactions, a VIP system which detects how often you play and in what category etc.
The software developed by Rival is very safe and 100% fair. Rival uses the latest technologies in the area of SSL encryption. This protects the data of a player against misuse and fraud.

Why Rival Roulette

Rival roulette comes in two different versions both with reasonable table limits with the minimum bets of $1 and the maximum bet of $25. The first is the European roulette which is a very good variant. The house edge of rival roulette the European variant is slightly lower than with American roulette which is the second type of rival roulette. There are some other differences between these two kinds of rival roulette. To read more about this you can visit our page Roulette Variants.
Despite the fact that rival is a relatively new company in the online casino software market they already have a wide range of customers. And like all the games offered by Rival the Rival roulette has very attractive and bright graphics. It is also very easy to play the rival roulette games, the software provides simple and accurate game play.
With any rival casino it is possible to play rival roulette for free. In this way you can practice first and after you know how rival roulette works you can play for real money.

How to play Rival roulette

As we said before rival roulette software is easy to play. You can find rival roulette at a number of online casino. The Rival casinos we mention on this website are all very safe to play at. One of the rival casinos we recommend is Desert Nights casino. They offer both the rival roulette variants. Making a bet is very easy; click on the chip value you want to play with and after that click on the number in the table field on which you want to place your bet. You can place several bets with different coin values if you want. When you are finished with your bets spin the wheel and wait to see where the ball lands. In the case you have a winning score you will receive the money on your players account. Online casinos sometimes have their own additional rules so always check out the website for the details.
Rival roulette will definitely give you a great, fair and safe gaming experience.