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When you choosing to play roulette at an online casino it is not just the online casinos that is important to look at, the roulette software is also of great importance. In some cases the software is even more important than the online casino itself. The software that a casino uses will make a game fair or not. If the software has a certificate of fairness you can be sure that the online casinos is also fair.
There are a lot of online roulette software developers and the list is still growing as we speak. It can be difficult to choose a casino with high quality and well designed roulette software. There are several important factors when looking for a good roulette software; it needs to be secure in terms of deposit methods, they need to use some kind of random number generator, the game needs to be fair etc.
We made an overview of the best, most fair and most reliable roulette software developers. Not all casinos in the US and in Europe use the same roulette software. There is a division in roulette software mainly used in European online casinos and American online casinos, these are:

European online casinos:


Netent European roulette
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Netent is short for net entertainment. Netent is a popular and very well known software provider. They provide the software to a lot of online casinos and the graphics of the games are great. Netent roulette is roulette which is powered by the netent software. Netent roulette stands for fair and reliable gaming and a great layout of the roulette game. The casinos that offer netent roulette are mentioned on the sides of this page. You can read a full review about Netent roulette on the page Netent.


Playtech European roulette
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Playtech is probably one of the worlds leading software providers. They offer software for a range of over 150 casino games. A lot of online casinos use Playtech for their software and that is not strange as Playtech has fantastic graphics and will provide the players with an amazing gaming experience. The playtech roulette table almost looks real. Playtech roulette is very safe and fair to play. With the gaming history feature you can check all the numbers that are hit at that game. Read more about Playtech and playtech roulette here; Playtech.


Rival roulette

Rival is fairly new to the online gaming software market. They were founded in 2006 and already managed to become a very popular casino games software producer. Their specialty is the slot machines and they developed a great concept which is called I-slots. But the slot machines is not all the offer, there is also a great selection of high quality casino games like the two versions of rival roulette; European and American roulette. Rival offers fair and safe casino game software. You will definitely have a good time playing rival roulette. Read the full rival review here.