Online French Roulette by Realtime Gaming

Published on 27 August 2012

For a long time, all the new games added by Realtime Gaming, which is the leading software provider to its portfolio have been include on the Real Series online slots. But players at RTG online casinos might be surprised by seeing French Roulette that has been added to the Specialty Category. The online roulette is listed under Specialty games and not under Table Games. French Roulette is sophisticated and sleek compared to European Roulette and American Roulette.

French Roulette is the variant played in the land-based casinos in France and it is sturctured and played like European Roulette that only have single zero on the wheel. The two roulette games have a similar layout except for all the numbers are in uniform red background in French Roulette and not the red or black background depending on the color on the wheel. However, players can determine the color from the wheels that displays the number where the ball has landed. The bets in French Roulette is in French, but the odds and even become pair and impair and red and black become rouge and noir. Similarly the three number street bets are transversale and the six number bets are soixante.

French Roulette’s special feature is the Neighbor and Call bets, where a buton will expose the wheel’s layout along with a complete list of bets on offer. Players can select their bets from the list and the chips will directly be placed on the layout. The main bets are Voisins, Orphelins, Tiers, Red Splits and Black Splits.

Players have their own strategy when it comes to putting their bets. They all have their lucky numbers and unique patterns. French Roulette from RTG allows eight patterns to be saved so players can creat the pattern on the layout with a single selection. Players just need to open Favorites and click on the pattern name to place their bet. This game also has an Auto Play.

French Roulette is highlighting the La Partage benefit that makes it different from the European Roulette. Under the La Partage rule half the amount on even money bets will be returned to the player in the event that zero is called.