Maintaning a Proper Etiquette While Playing at the Casino

Published on 9 February 2013

Players proper etiquette and behavior are often easy to maintain while playing table games like Poker and Blackjack, but some games that has dramatic response to them can sometimes make them obnoxious.

The fact that drinking and gambling go along with gambling, a good and proper “roulettiquette” is always a good idea. Players must know the proper ways of their hands, how they control their temper, trying not to touch anything from the table and how to properly tip the dealer if they win.

If you are a player, you must make sure that your hands are off the roulette table. Eventhough you want to protect your chips by keeping it near to your hands, you might confuse the dealer or make him suspicious of you. Dont forget that once a dealer waves his hands to signal ā€œno more bets,ā€ your hands should be back in your personal space.

Every player seems to forget the good way of communicating to dealers or their fellow players when they are losing. Upseting another player’s chips, bets or the delicately-calibrated roulette wheel can cause you a dismissal at the casino.

Another thing that needs to be considered is the marker. Once a player win, the dealer puts the black marker next to the winning number. When this markes is on the table, do not ever touch it or anything on it including your chips. Not obeying this rule is the number one reason for players to be dismissed at the roulette table.

The dealer cannot help you win in anyway, but its still nice to tip them- particularly if you win a big amount. They are only there to help you have a good time but they have a strict code of conduct to follow. So be responsible, be polite and have fun. Dont forget about the rules of gambling too.