Improving your odds at Roulette with the Basics

Published on 7 July 2014

Roulette is not a game of chance it is purely a game of luck. However, there are some strategies that can help you win something or stay on the game for a long time.

Strategy might be critical when increasing your odds of winning but you can make many different bets in the table. The more you bet, the more complicated your playing will be, so make sure that you know the odds when playing roulette.

Just stick to the minimum table requirement and play on outside bets only. You can bet in either red or black on each spin. This bet pays 1 to 1 and you will have 18 possibilities to win out of the 38.

You can also place two outside bets, one on an even-money and one on a column or dozen that pays 2 to 1. Like betting on one black and one on Column Three, which has eight red numbers. In that way, you have 26 numbers to hit, 4 are cover twice.

There is also the red and pair with a bet on Column Two, which has eight black numbers. There are 26 numbers that are covered and 4 of them have to ways of winning.

And the red and black bet with Column One that covers 24 numbers, and 6 numbers have to ways of winning. If you spread your bet like won’t make give a huge amount of winnings but it will make your playing time more interesting.

These strategies are just the basics when playing roulette, when you are starting on the game it is better to start on the basics first before making any huge bettings!