Chips Tricks at the Roulette Table

Published on 15 February 2013

Roulette is a game that gives each player excitement and thrill. Not like all the other casino games, Roulette players are often found cheerful and happy, throwing out bets and doubling down.

This give the feeling of a very welcoming environment and entertaining table. Some skilled players and dealers are using few slick choip tricks too. These tricks require a lot of practice. Some of these trick are the Thumb Flip, the Butterfly and the Anti Gravity.

In the Thumb Flip, you are holding a short stack of chips with your fore, middle and ring finger, shuffle the first chip to the back. You have to push the chip against your fore finger to go up and over the rest of the stack.

In the Butterfly, you need four chips and hold them between your thum and forefinger. You have to pull two middle chips out by using your middle finger. This will allow them to fall into a saddle created by your ring finger and thumb. Then allow your middle finger to pass through the gap to seperate chips into four.

And the Anti Gravity is more of a magic trick than a chip trick. This move requires a better understanding of the ancient art of “palming,” which magicians use to hide coins and other objects in their hands. You must keep the coin hidden but there is too much pressure, the object in your hand will shoot out quickly. This will allow you to drop a chip from their top and drop it back to the bottom.

You can learn these tricks and more by watching some tutorials and demos online. Once you get to know them, mastering them is way easier.