Can roulette dealers cheat?

Published on 3 February 2013

If you were thinking that you only have 2.36% house edge in European roulette, then you were wrong. In every European roulette game you stand a 1 in 37 chance of winning. But most players beleive that the dealers at casinos play a very important role in increasing the house edge by using some techniques.

One of these techniques is the section shooting. The dealer spins the wheel in a way that avoids the sections with the most bets and highest bets. But to do this, dealer must be exceptionally skilled. If you think about it, roulette delears spin the wheel at least a thousand times a day, so it helps them develop their skill.

Another technique is the switching wheels that is beleived to increase the house edge in roulette. If the casino finds that there is a player that found a roulette wheel bias they switch the wheels around or they get ride of it. The dealer also informs the casino if the player is winning at the same wheel all the time. Then the casino again switch the wheels to make the player confuse. Nowadays, roulette wheels are really well designed and tested before hitting the casino floors so there is a little chance of finding a biased wheel.

The casinos also use magnets to ensure a better house edge. Some were accused of placing magnets under the wheel to direct the ball in certain direction. The ball would have a metal core and there would be switches that allow the dealer to decide the position towards which the ball must gravitate. This method was used before the casino gaming have become more regulated. This system is no longer in use and casinos could get into trouble if they tried to do this. They could end up losing their licenses and reputations will go down.

Players also beleive that some dealers are changing their attitude when players start winning. They get the impression that the dealers put pressure on them to make them bets faster, by giving them less time to bets or behave meanly to winners. They are rushing the players and throw them off so they cant think properly and apply their roulette strategies properly. This is just an impression which came from them. A delear can also change attitude because of the players behevior.

If you think the a casino is going to cheat you, you can always gamble at online casino, where there is no dealer.